Winter Health Tips

With the cold creeping into our lives earlier in the evening and clinging to us until mid-morning, it is becoming more and more apparent that winter is upon us. Which (for most people), makes getting out of bed immensely difficult. In fact, the only thing that is more...

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Kids’ Safety on Social Media

Parents, grab your designated comforting pillow (the one you use when watching a scary movie or the highlights of SONA 2017), and take a deep breath or two. We at Rubix understand that nothing is more important to you than your child’s safety and it seems that as...

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Rubix to the Rescue!

“Rubix saves my life!” – The most used phrase in a Rubix parent’s vocabulary. You now have another reason to say this with complete confidence and trust. Not only can we get your beloved child to and from school safely and hassle free, we can literally save their life...

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Buddy NOT Bully

Bullying! We have all heard the term, whether it is in school, university or even the work place – we never seem to stop hearing about it.  For good reason though, it is an extremely damaging act that has both short-term and long-term consequences.  Furthermore, it...

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Upcoming family events in Jo’burg!

Winter is fast approaching with the traditional “nip” in the air starting to creep into our evenings and mornings. Specials on gas heaters are already popping up on our timelines and the blankets are being pulled from storage. But before you fully start to hibernate...

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Changes in our children: A parent’s perspective

Leo turns thirteen this year, and I worry about him when out of my sight, what parent wouldn’t. He has also started going to a high school of his choice: one of those uniform-less establishments that nurture individuality. We see that as a positive - suddenly he’s on...

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