Scholar Rates

The scholar shuttle service operates within a 0-10 kilometer radius from the point of pick-up offering the flexibility of one-way or return shuttles.

Scholar Transport Pricing 2020

We have provided a guideline on our pricing in the below table.


Rates applicable to current operating areas and schools.


Rates are subject to change and a formal quote should be requested to confirm pricing.


Effective date of rate: 1 January 2020 (12-month contract)

Kilometres One Way Rate Sibling One Way Rate Ad Hoc Rates

(per trip)

Return Rate Sibling Return Rate
1 R800 R720 R40 R1 270 R1 140
2 R890 R810 R50 R1 430 R1 290
3 R1 010 R910 R70 R 1 610 R1 450
4 R1 130 R1030 R80 R1 820 R1 640
5 R1 250 R1 140 R90 R2 040 R1 830
6 R1 410 R1 300 R110 R2 310 R2 090
7 R1 600 R1 470 R130 R2 620 R2 360
8 R1 820 R1 670 R150 R2 970 R2 670
9 R2 060 R1 900 R170 R3 360 R3 030
10 R2 310 R2 140 R210 R3 810 R3 430
11 R2 620 R2 430 R240 R4 310 R3 890
12 R2 970 R2 760 R270 R4 890 R4 400
13 R3 360 R3 120 R320 R5 530 R4 980

*Please note on the website that the rates remain subject to quotation and payment terms.




Weekend transport requirements

Child Minder (on larger buses and certain routes only)

Public Holidays

Satellite Tracking

December break (close on or the immediate Friday after government schools close)

SMS Notifications on delivery at home / school

Additional trips exceeding that booked on contract e.g. extra murals – these will be billed at the ad hoc rates shown

School holiday programme transfers


Cameras (in selected vehicles only)


Client Testimonials

“Reliable transport services that have Understanding and Brilliant Staff who are Interested in your childs safety and do Xtraordinary things everyday to make them happy. Thank you !!!!”

Vikash and Ushara

Private Transfer

“I have been so happy with their service, the drivers and assistants are so friendly. I can highly recommend Rubix to transfer your child around. I have complete peace of mind with them.”


Scholar Transport

“I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you and your staff for the Chauffeur Drive transportation you have provided us in the past months during our stay in South Africa. Thank you very Much.”

Mr & Mrs Yamamoto

Scholar Transport

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if my childs schedule changes?

We are able to accommodate schedule changes or additional requests.

Do you monitor the vehicles?

Every vehicle in our fleet is equipped with satellite tracking and management systems to monitor, amongst other things, speeds, routes and location.

Are your drivers trained?

All staff are hand picked following a comprehensive selection process including on the road driver assessments and, experience related reference checking.

What areas do you cover?

Rubix Shuttles and Transfers offers a variety of vehicle, shuttle & coach hire transport solutions for any small to large scale transport needs within Gauteng & Tshwane. Our scholar transport solution covers Bryanston, Fourways, Randburg and Northriding areas. 

How do I know my child is home safely?

We text parents as soon as we deliver children safely to their destination.

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