Last month we mentioned our new innovative technology and how Rubix will be using our cutting edge software and digital platforms to communicate with you on a more regular basis. But lets be honest all these are “nice to haves” and not really what has made Rubix the leading transport solution for scholars.

So what has made Rubix unique and what do we do to ensure we stay on top? In one word – SAFETY. The safety of our clients, your children, is our #1 priority. There are so many elements that make up the word safety, so we felt we needed to not only remind our current clients, but let any potential new clients in on our big secret! By no means are these our only focus areas in safety, but we have chosen the most valuable and probably the least known out of them all.

1. Car Seats and Seat Belts

Child restraint laws are very specific about what type of restraint is to be used at different ages and where children must be seated in a vehicle. Child restraints must match the age and size of the child and always be properly installed and adjusted to fit the child’s body. Rubix insists on Car seats for all our younger passengers regardless of whether the parents use them at home or not. This is a deal breaker for us. We do not want your little “pumpkin” being thrown out of the vehicle (we may be showing our age here) if anything should happen during our care. After all, we are parents too.

2. SMS Notification on Drop Off

One of the elements that we often get complimented on is our drop off SMS notification. What better way to put a parents mind at rest while they are busy at work than with an SMS as soon as their child has been dropped off from school and is now safe and sound at home. Our drivers also ensure that nothing untoward is happening at home as we all know “while the cats are away, the mice will play.”

Safe Scholar Transfers

3. On Board Safety Officer

On selected routes, when deemed necessary based on the children’s ages, we have an On Board Safety Officer (or child minder if you prefer.) Their job is multi-faceted, but essentially they are there to take care of your child so the driver can do his job – Drive! Each officer has a dedicated cell phone to ensure they are able to communicate with us, and parents, at all times.

4. Vehicle Tracking

So I know I said technology wasn’t what made us great, but it has helped us become no. 1, by allowing us to track all our vehicles at all times. Every vehicle is fitted with a TOM TOM navigational tracking device so we know where your child is at all times while they are under our care. This also allows us to notify any parent of potential delays due to traffic jams or school tardiness. And let’s be honest, this happens often, especially in Jozi.

5. Staff Training

The best way to deal with potential problems is to be prepared, and our staff are just that: well prepared and well trained. All staff are trained on a regular basis in the latest CPR techniques, First Aid and preventative and defensive driving methods. As an added quality measure, all drivers must have a minimum of 5 years driving experience, and at least 3 years practical experience in the transportation sector and preferably scholar transfers. After all, we are parents too and we want you to be safe in the knowledge that we have the most qualified staff looking after your children.

Safe Scholar Transport

“Just wanted to say thanks to you and your team. I see many transport service buses almost every day and Rubix drivers are by far the more cautious and road safety compliant and I am always so grateful to you and your drivers. I know my child is in good hands.” Mandy

Naturally all our vehicles are serviced and maintained on a regular basis and we have all taken the Imperial I-Pledge. Our well known bright green branding on our vehicles and staff not only help children identify their drivers through the hustle of school closing, but also allow our vehicles to be spotted in and around traffic ensuring that our drivers are held accountable for their driving.

Safe Scholar Transport

As you can see we have not taken safety lightly in our business and it is as important to us today as it was when we first started. After all, we are parents too. And by working together we can provide our children with a brighter future and a safer one at that.

So wouldn’t you want the most trusted and safety conscious transport service provider for your children? Are you a Rubix Mom or Dad? If not, why not? Book your spot for the upcoming year before it’s too late!

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