A lot of people are jumping onto the bandwagon with offering transport for kids – we see them popping up daily at the schools.

If you have a car, and think you have the temperament to drive kids around – hey presto, you have a business going.

In the short term this may work, and often parents desperate for cheaper and cheaper alternatives, and what appears to be a safe, reliable option – will buy into these services.  But do they really know what they are buying into?

As part of our information pack to prospective customers, and through our ongoing communications with our existing customers, we like to keep you informed of everything we are doing as a business to set the benchmarks in the scholar / kids transport industry.

  • Newer model vehicles with latest safety features (ABS braking / air bags / seat belts)
  • Annual road worthy certificates
  • Driver PrDP’s (no less than 5 years passenger driving experience)
  • Vehicle permits
  • Passenger Liability Cover
  • Letters of acknowledgement from the schools we operate out of
  • Formalised ongoing driver training
  • Criminal, licence & thorough reference checks on all staff
  • Full operations manual
  • Back up staff and vehicles

Rubix is here to stay, and we’re here to provide a safe, reliable, professional, peace of mind transport solution for busy parents.

Thank you for your valued support, from all of us at Rubix

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