10 Reasons to use our Corporate Transport Service

Did you know that Rubix Transfers offers more than just a school run taxi service. We provide the same top class quality and reliability, as we do for our scholars, for our corporate and leisure services. With Sharon & Benita’s wealth of experience in corporate...

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Car Seat Safety

The number one focus at Rubix has, and always will be: Safety. Whether it be safety in the home, safety at school, safety on-line  car seat safety, yours and our children’s safety is the foundation of what Rubix offers our clients. We certainly do everything we can...

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Eat Right, Eat Smart, Be Smart!

Whether you have a toddler or a teen, eating and eating the right foods is fundemantal to their growth. Healthy kids become healthy adults. Eat Right, Eat Smart, Be Smart! Sure, eating well can be difficult - family schedules are hectic and grab-and-go convenience...

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5 Back-to-school Tips

Its’ a new year and a new start for us all as we welcome 2018 in with hope, excitement and a dash of uneasiness. The holidays are over, parents are back at work and kids are finally heading back to school after a really long break (a really long break.)...

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The essential checklist of scholar transport providers.

How to get your children to school safely, carefree and stress free. For those of us who have children, you know the daily struggle of getting up in the morning and having to get your children all set for their day, not to mention your day. There’s breakfast to be...

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Exam stress management.

With half the year in the rearview mirror, schools are preparing for what is their first major set of assessments for the year. This puts heaps of pressure on everyone, especially the student. Rubix is here to ease the pressure – not only by transporting your children...

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