We at Rubix would like all parents to know that your children are safe and in good hands each time they ride on a Rubix bus. The safety and security of the Rubix Kids we transport to and from school each day is our core value.

  • Only newer model vehicles used
  • EVERY seat has a seat belt
  • Strictly NO overloading of vehicles
  • Daily and weekly vehicle checks
  • Strict compliance with manufacturer service intervals
  • State of the art Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and vehicle management systems:


  • Operational boundaries managed through sms alerts if breached
  • Harsh braking alerts and management
  • Harsh steering alerts and management
  • Exact location and speed of a bus at any time, also providing a record of each route, and all it’s stops, starts, and times.


  • Hazard lights used to warn motorists of children boarding or disembarking a bus
  • Car seats and booster seats used for smaller kids
  • Rubix Minder on board (selected routes)
  • Every staff member in uniform for easy identification
  • Regular updates of family information through our web based in contact system (ensuring we have your latest critical information at all times)
  • Dedicated cell phones per vehicle

In our support of the 702 lead with lights campaign, every one of our vehicles drive with their lights on at all times, and in addition to this, when embarking or disembarking our very precious cargo, our drivers ensure that the vehicle hazard lights are also used.  In this way highlighting to the general public, the need for caution.

Safety is a core value at Rubix. We pride ourselves on our safety record, dedicated Rubix staff and overall service.

Thank you for your valued support, from all of us at Rubix.

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