So it’s that time of the term again…. time to choose from all the various extra murals on offer.  Extra murals are a great way for kids to explore their natural talents and get that all important quota of exercise so often lacking in today’s society.

Kids should be encouraged to participate in as many extra murals as they can comfortably fit into their daily school schedule without it becoming stressful for both parents and kids alike in trying to manage the daily school schedule, transport, homework etc.

Where Rubix is able to assist you in making at least one aspect of managing the whole extra mural juggling act a whole lot easier, is where some of the following points are given some thought when choosing extra murals for the term:

  • Please keep shuttle times in mind when choosing extra murals – to reduce potential waiting times for your child
  • Please communicate selected extra murals and finishing times to Rubix timeously to ensure we can accommodate the changes as far as possible
  • Please encourage your child not to procrastinate after extra murals, but to please go straight to pick up points to avoid delays
  • Write letters to the extra mural teachers to ask them not to keep your child back unnecessarily as they are reliant on transport and may either delay or miss their transport

Please remember, we are here to provide the best possible service we can to you our loyal customers.  Please help us to do this, by providing us with the necessary information timeously.

Where there may be rain delays, or cancellations of a sports fixture on the day, we will endeavour to do our best to get everyone home as soon as possible – it is however, not possible to get everyone booked onto different time slots, home on one time slot due to cancellations of all sports fixtures – this is where we would then also encourage parents to make sure your kids are prepared, and have umbrella’s and rain coats, in the event they have to wait for transport.

Thankfully, these are exceptional circumstances, and of course we pull out all the stops to take care of our little customers.

Thank you for your valued support, from all of us at Rubix

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