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Unfortunately, accidents happen. Our nation has a very high accident rate, with 800 people being seriously injured every day on our roads. There is no way around this, but what you can do is control the potential hazards in order to achieve an acceptable level of risk.

We understand the challenges that a lot of people face nowadays with high living and transport expenses. Its tough to make ends meet when all your money is going to rent, school fees, food and insurance to name a few. Probably one of the most important monthly bills is medical aid, but it is also one of the most expensive. This, unfortunately, forces a lot of people to decline medical aid cover.

Having access to medical emergency transport and the ability to pay for private hospital care, could mean the difference between life or death.


Exciting News

In our continued mission to be the safest transport provider in the industry and to offer our clients added value, Rubix Group is proud to endorse accidentANGELS™. accidentANGELS™ provide a unique benefit that guarantees your admission to private hospitals and provides cash in hand, to provide for medical expenses incurred.

Take a look at this amazing :

  • Access to the best private medical care
  • ER24 emergency medical transportation to a Private Hospital
  • A child minder benefit, which ensures your children are looked after following an accident
  • Up to R10 000 paid into your MasterCard® for out-patient treatment
  • No waiting periods. Funds are released immediately
  • Up to R200 000 benefit for in-patient treatment
  • Assistance with Road Accident Fund claims on your behalf

Either as a stand alone insurance, or additional top up cover on your current medical aid, accidentANGELSprovides peace of mind to you and your family. It is not specific to your personal vehicles but rather any vehicle you or your family may be travelling in.


Access for all

We believe everyone should have access to private care and this is what accidentANGELS™ offer their members. We highly endorse their service and offering and encourage everyone to at least investigate this option, especially if you do not have any medial aid cover.

To find out more, SMS SAVE to 37079, visit their website or email more information.

We value our staff.

Our staff are key to our business and are part of our extended family. As such, we have all our staff covered by accidentANGELS™ in the unfortunate event that they’re involved in an accident, be it in a taxi on route to work or other. Thankfully in the last 10 years of trading, Rubix has only had a few minor bumper bashers, none caused by our drivers.

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