5 Back-to-school Tips

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Its’ a new year and a new start for us all as we welcome 2018 in with hope, excitement and a dash of uneasiness. The holidays are over, parents are back at work and kids are finally heading back to school after a really long break (a really long break.)

Let’s be honest, we all need to dust away the cobwebs and get back into the groove of things. This can be quite a bit to handle when all you really want to do is go back to the beach and sip on your cocktails. With this in mind, we have compiled our Top 5 Back-to-school Tips to make it a stress free and exciting process.

1) GET (and stay) ORGANISED

Hopefully you have already gathered all the required stationery, new uniforms and textbooks that are needed. If not, stocks may be limited so try online stores such as My School Stationery. Once you have your supplies, label everything!


Allow your children to take charge. Continually rescuing and doing everything for your children takes away some essential life lessons. Of course don’t ask them to go to the shop for you, but make the tasks age appropriate, tangible and simple. Reward your children with positive reinforcement when they succeed at these tasks.


Failing to plan is planning to fail. Make notes in your planner for each member of the family. Include homework, projects, after-school events, social and sports activities. Thanks to technology, why not use your Google Calendar with different colours for each member. You can then sync it to all devices so everyone knows what everyone else is doing.


Preparation leads to success. Prepare your kids lunches and bags the night before. Have a set routine ensuring homework and school requirements are complete the night before. Get your kids to pack their school and sports bags and place it at your exit so nothing gets forgotten in the morning rush. Consider a scholar transport company (we happen to know a really good one) to assist with the morning and afternoon commute and in return, reduce your stress and save time and money.


If possible, create an organised homework space for your children. Make sure they have everything at hand and the space is clean and quiet to avoid unnecessary distractions. Schedule a snack break or some playtime – they are kids after all.

Hopefully these 5 simple tips will enable you to be on your game and help your children grow into successful adults. The biggest teachers of children are their parents so always make the extra effort for them. They are after all your pride and joy!

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