No matter what your child’s age, they should always be taught to be vigilant and where possible to stick together.  There is always safety in numbers.  With regards to the below message from one of our schools, our Franchisees have had lengthy discussions with their respective teams regarding this incident and others, and have been advised to ensure that should they be approached by anyone whilst at a school, with kids in tow – they are to politely but firmly advise that they are unable to speak to them until the kids have been safely boarded onto the vehicles.

They have also been advised to be even more vigilant and alert with the drivers accompanying the child minders (where possible) into the schools.  A word of caution to the children – they are NEVER to leave the school premises without the child minder and to wait at the designated areas while all children are being gathered from different parts of the schools and classes.

This is a concern and top priority for us at the moment.  We share all your concern.

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