Before Rubix, Sharon Poyner and her business partner, Benita Goodwin, worked for a large car rental brand. Having learnt substantially about logistics and fleet management, in 2008 Goodwin started a school shuttle business. In 2010, Poyner followed after 16 years of corporate service.

Believing they made a strong team and shared a vision, they joined forces and Rubix Group was formed in May 2011. As working parents, Poyner and Goodwin found themselves under significant pressure to drop the kids at school, collect them, drive to after-school activities, and rush between meetings. “One day I found myself speeding down Krugersdorp highway because I was late out of a meeting and had to pick up my child. He was the last little one there, and I thought there must be a better way.”

As there was no competing with large companies for airport transfers as their core business, Rubix developed a niche, premium service of safe, reliable transport for children. “Everything is designed to give parents peace of mind, from being owner-managed, a childminder on some routes, trained drivers, CPR and first aid training, and parents are SMSd when their child is safely home.”

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