With half the year in the rearview mirror, schools are preparing for what is their first major set of assessments for the year. This puts heaps of pressure on everyone, especially the student. Rubix is here to ease the pressure – not only by transporting your children to and from school safely but also to give some handy exam stress management tips too!

Most schools bombard their pupils with countless exam related seminars, lectures, workshops and tutorials in preparation for the chaos that is exams. However, most pupils get the majority of their productive, uninterrupted study time done at home. Which means, it is recommended that you (the parent) be able to offer advice or assistance in exam stress management.

We have compiled a few powerful tips that are simple and effective to get you started.

Exam stress management tips:

  • Hydrate – drink plenty of water,
  • Exercise – during the day so you can sleep properly at night,
  • Meditate – if you are so inclined,
  • Get plenty of sleep – this is a must,
  • Study in 15-20 min intervals – no half measures here,
  • Set a time schedule – very useful for planning and prioritizing,
  • Alternate study environments – switch between your study, dining room and library,
  • Envision performing well in exams – go for gold,
  • Listen to non-lyrical music (namely of the classical genre) – keeps you calm and centered,
  • Attend study groups – steel sharpens steel,
  • Speak to teachers about work that is unclear – they are there to help you,
  • Prioritise work that is unclear – do the difficult things first,
  • Self assess progress using past papers – test; measure and retest.

As most things in life, success is dependent on execution. That being said, if your child manages to execute these tips well, they should reach their goals when it comes to exams.

Rubix wishes all our scholars good luck for the upcoming exams.

In closing, why not use Rubix to transport your children to and from school during these erratic start and end times and let us relieve some of that extra exam stress that’s on you.

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