December is here and we all know what that means…… lots of festivities, lots of gifts and of course lots of driving. Whether it be a long road trip to the coast, or merely carting your kids around to friends this holiday, safety should always be at the forefront of your mind when it comes to your kids.

Unfortunately, being road smart doesn’t necessarily come naturally. You need to teach your children how to be safe pedestrians and how to be safe passengers whether travelling in a car, bus or train. It’s not just about telling them what to do – children learn from what adults do, so you need to model safe behaviour.

With this in mind, we have compiled a few pointers to remind you of what’s expected of a Rubix Parent.

Car Safety

It’s important for children to have the right restraint for their age and size and that it is fastened correctly. Make sure your child sits back in the seat and that they are in a child restraint or booster seat that fits them. Make sure everyone in the car (including adults) is wearing safety belts, and that you as the driver, drives appropriately based on the condition of the road and weather.

Bus Safety

Always wait at designated bus stops and ensure you are on the correct side of the road and away from the kerb when the bus stops. When boarding or getting off the bus, be patient, don’t push and let younger children get on first. Carry your bag or backpack so it doesn’t get stuck in the door or bump people. Once boarded, find your seat quickly, buckle up (if provided) and remain seated until the bus stops at your stop.

Road Safety

Being road smart is not just about being on national roads, but more importantly around your local neighborhood and home. Make sure your kids are playing in a safely enclosed area and that if by the off chance a ball or item does go into the road, they either call an adult to assist or they follow these simple steps:

  1. Wait for the item to stop moving
  2. Stay on the kerb until directly opposite the item
  3. Look both ways, twice, before stepping into the road
  4. Once the item is in hand, get to the kerb as quickly and safely as possible.

For Rubix, safety is our number one priority. All our vehicles are checked and maintained on a regular basis. All staff have regular safety training and they comply to these basic safety tips. Since you already have so much to worry about, why not book with Rubix and let us get your kids to and from school safely in the new year. Registrations for 2017 are open and seats are filling up fast. Click here to register.

In closing, we leave you with this profound quote from our nations father, Nelson Mandela Each of us as citizens, has a role to play in creating a better world for our children.

From all of us at Rubix, we wish you a joyous and wonderful festive season. Take care and be safe in whatever you do this holiday.

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