If your kids are battling with their homework, then this will be a life saver for you. The School Sorted Planner will help your child take control and manage their tasks & commitments in one book.

School Sorted™ is a homework diary that actively trains skills like planning, organisation and time & task management.

The School Sorted™ planner is very handy for learners that experience any of the following problems:

  • Leaving tasks for the last minute
  • Forgetting to do what they are repeatedly asked to do
  • Not knowing what is for homework
  • Forgetting to do or hand in work
  • Not having what’s needed with them

Being disorganised has a severe effect on some learners as anxiety will set in if they don’t feel prepared. Knowing and planning ahead will make sure that learners are prepared and being disorganised will be a thing of the past.

Not to be forgotten, there are parents or educators that also struggle to keep a handle on their schedules, time management, juggling various responsibilities and are just plain overwhelmed.

The School Sorted™ is the perfect companion for you or your child to overcome all of these problems.  Make your lives hassle-free, stress-free and more organised.  It’s not too late to get organised.

If you order a School Sorted Planner before end of March 2014, we will give you a FREE A4 2014 M.O.M Diary (valued R195).

Price – R260.00 including delivery.
Please click here to ORDER YOUR School Sorted Planner AND a FREE A4 2014 M.O.M Diary.

Visit www.mostorganised.co.za for more information on the School Sorted Planner or contact Alison Deary (admin@info.wonderfullyorganisedwomen.co.za)

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